1.   How much playing time will my child have?

Playing time is earned in competitive soccer.  The governing body that oversees CCSL has not implemented a 50% playing rule.  All children will play, but the actual amount of playing time is determined by the player and coach.

2.    What is the cost?

Total registration for the playing season is determined by several factors, but is among the lowest in NorCal.  This covers tryouts, player passes, league games, insurance, printing, postage, miscellaneous occurrences, and maintenance of the fields and soccer complex.

There are additional team fees that go towards tournaments, team league registration, referee fees and team functions. Please see your team managers for details and ordering.

Azzurri Soccer Club offers a wide variety of fundraising opportunities for players and teams.  You can always contact the ASC fundraising coordinator for assistance.

Azzurri Soccer Club has monthly club dues, per player and also a monthly professional trainer fee, please see your team managers for details and ordering.

New players to Azzurri are required to purchase the club uniform, please see your team managers for details and ordering.

Hotel accommodations and food is not included in the team fees while at tournaments. 

3. How much travel is involved?

Copper, Bronze and Silver Teams- These teams are assigned by sections within the district and may have five of the league game played at Riverfront Park. The other five games may be at the opposing teams' field. The Metro section covers most of northern California from Lake Tahoe to the bay area, from Ripon to Anderson. Depending on where the teams in your bracket are determines the traveling distance. CCSL has a half way rule for teams that must travel longer distances these games will take place at a neutral site. Tournaments travel is decided by coach and which tournaments the team is approved for.

Silver Elite, Gold and State Premier Teams- These teams are assigned by regions and most games will take place at a neutral site. Tournaments travel is decided by coach and which tournaments the team is approved for.

 4. What is the commitment?

The commitment is to the club and the team; teams will practice a minimum of 2 days a week. Teams will practice anywhere from 2 to 2 ½ hours a day. All league games are scheduled for Saturday play, and tournaments are a full weekend with travel involved. If your child is selected for the Olympic Development Program, there are also additional games with travel and cost associated.  

5. Why Competitive Soccer?

CYSA and CCSL have gone to 2 levels of play system. They now promote recreation level of play thru a community playing league, and competitive level of play. With recreation play it is just that, for the spirit of the game having fun it is not structured and the coaches are mom and dad with little or no playing experience. With competitive soccer, it is structured, the coaches are dedicated to the game and the players, and all have a extensive knowledge of the rules and laws of the game. Thru competitive soccer many players have earned college scholarships and have gone on to play in the Olympics and then to professional soccer clubs. Competitive soccer requires a commitment from the player.

6. Who can play competitive soccer?

Both boys and girls from the ages of 8 to 18 years of age can play. Competitive soccer is for anyone with recreation soccer experience or just enjoys soccer as a whole should consider attending tryouts. We take pride in teaching the kids soccer thru our licensed staff of coaches. Not everyone will be selected to a team, and only the most talented and committed will be asked to represent the Azzurri Soccer Club on the most competitive teams we have. We do offer training to all players in our recreation league to teach them a better game of soccer to prepare them for the next season.


If you have any questions about the Azzurri Soccer Club, please feel free to contact us at Azzurri@yubasuttersoccer.com.