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This page is for Referee Renewal Only!




 To: California North Soccer Referees
From: U.S. Soccer Federation
Re: U.S. Soccer 2014 Registration Renewal Instructions
Date: August 1, 2017

Dear California North Referee:

It is time to renew your referee registration. To renew your registration, please follow these directions:

1. Log on to www.ussoccer.info (you should see a title bar stating U.S. SOCCER INFORMATION SYSTEMS and a black background).

2. Enter your User ID.

If you do not know your USSF ID, you can find this information on your USSF Registration ID card or you can use the "Forgot USSFID?" link on the log in page. If you are still unable to retrieve your User ID, please email referee@ussoccer.org.

3. Enter your password.

If you do not know your password, you can retrieve it through the "Forgot Password?" link on the log in page. If you are still unable to retrieve your password or do not receive an e-mail from U.S. Soccer within 20 minutes, please email referee@ussoccer.org.

4. You should see the Welcome to the Official U.S. Soccer Registration System page. On this page, click on the "Click here to Register" link in the first bullet point.

5. Confirm that all of your contact information is correct. If it needs to be updated, click on the "Note: If there are any changes to the above mentioned Biographical information, please click here to update the same." link in the box below the contact information.

6. In the next box, Register As, make sure the correct box is checked.

7. In the Conviction box, you must select either Yes or No.

8. In the next box, Terms and Conditions, you must check the box.

9. Compete the Credit Card Information boxes. Then click Continue. You will see a confirmation page confirming your registration.

Once you have completed your registration, it will be sent to your state association for review and approval, and then to U.S. Soccer for review and approval. You should receive the referee packet within 5 weeks from the final approval date.

For more information, please contact your state association:

State Contact Person: Duncan Way
State Website:
Email Address: calnorthrefereesra@gmail.com
Phone Number: 530-966-3545
1692 Mangrove Ave, #209
                  Chico , CA 95926

ONLINE Referee Registration I


Following is the proposed fee schedule for referees and linesmen.


Age      Center    Asst. Referee      Comp. Center  Comp. A/R


U-8       $15.00    N/A                  30.00          N/A

U-10      $15.00    N/A                  30.00         20.00

U-12      $15.00   $15.00 X 2            35.00         25.00

U-14      $15.00   $15.00 X 2            40.00         30.00 

U-16      $15.00   $15.00 X 2            45.00         35.00

 U-19      $15.00   $15.00 X 2             N/A           N/A


     In addition to the above fee schedule, a $2.00 per game premium will be paid to either a center ref or linesman with two to four years experience (recreational league games only).

A $3.00 per game premium will be added to either a center ref or linesman with five to 9 years experience (Recreational league games only).

A $5.00 per game premium will be added to either a center ref or lineman with 10 plus years experience (Recreational league games only). 


The objective is to retain referees with experience. I believe this will be an incentive, especially to the younger refs, to stay in the program.


     In an effort to improve reliability, the following system of discipline will be implemented by the referee association.  Any referee who fails to show for a game will be fined the amount he or she would have been paid for that game.  The fine will be deducted from pending or future earnings as a referee.



We are proud and happy to tell you that US Soccer Federation has also launched a "Campaign" to end bad behavior on and off the field.  After 6 months of promoting the Respect program through our Referee Connection website and after lauching the Soccer with Respect Fan Club we can see now the results.  It's great to see the US Soccer taking the lead in this effort to make the game more enjoable.  Click here to link to the Facebook page.