Yuba Sutter Youth Soccer League
US Youth Soccer Mandates

Player Registration: The registration of youth players will shift to calendar-year age grouping, as opposed to the previous school-year age grouping. With the new age matrix in affect, YSYSL will now be U6-U18.

Small Sided Games: All youth soccer will be converting over to small sided games. With those changes, our field sizes, goal size and number of players on the field will be changing in order to meet the new guidelines.

The benefits of having the small sided games is for the players to have more touches on the ball, different positions, and an overall better understanding of the game. Which in turn, will make for more fun on the field.

Heading: Heading of the ball is banned for all players 10 years old and younger.

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Parking fees are  $5/car inside the complex.  There will be a $40 parking pass available at the Information Booth, located next to the snack bar.

Please be aware that the City of Marysville is charging a parking fee to use the parking lot located by the boat launch area!!


YSYSL has a "No Refund" Policy with the following exception:  Full refunds will be given for players impacted by a Club not having enough players to field on a team.  (For example:  A U-14 soccer team that has only 6 players.)

We are proud and happy to tell you that US Soccer Federation has also launched a "Campaign" to end bad behavior on and off the field.

After 6 months of promoting the Respect program through our Referee Connection website and after lauching the Soccer with Respect Fan Club we can see now the results.

It's great to see the US Soccer taking the lead in this effort to make the game more enjoable.  Click here to link to the Facebook page.
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